Friday, March 7, 2014

Inner Lining Sewer Pipes in New York

            Sewer pipes need to be renewed periodically and they also need to be carefully maintained in order to avoid any issues that can come up. If you often experience sewage backups or you frequently need to get your drains unclogged, then you probably have tree roots growing in your sewer pipes. This is not the only problem that might cause you issues with your sewer, as they also get rusted over time and they may get cracks and so they will create leaks. In this case, you would need either to replace them, or to choose a modern solution for them.
            This modern solution refers to installing a physical inner pipe lining, so that you do not need to replace the old one completely. This new inner pipe that you can opt for is a long tube made of special fabric. You do not have to worry about your old pipe getting reduced and flow getting affected by the inner pipe, as it only reduces the old pipe’s diameter with about 5%, so that the flow is not affected by any means. Also, the material that the inner pipe lining is made of has a 100-year life and you would get 50 years warranty for it, which means that you should not have any issues with it during the next 50 years.

            A new inner pipe is strong and is made to resist over time. Also, it is easy to install and it does not require you to change the old sewer pipes, so that it takes only a few hours and the process does not affect you at all. Its installation is clean, not invasive, fast, and it requires no excavation, so it is the most comfortable and easy method for replacing your old pipes. Also, the price for this action is considerably lower than the costs you would need to pay for actually replacing your old pipes. Although it is easy and it takes less time, it is a long-lasting solution that will remain strong and will work for years ahead. You can choose the inner pipe lining whenever you need to repair your old, broken sewers.

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